Photo by Sean O'Gorman / UOW

Photo by Sean O'Gorman / UOW

Andrew is a social media and digital content strategist, producer, and thought leader, developing campaigns and producing engaging and meaningful content for global audiences.

Andrew has worked at the intersection of social media and content publication for Australia’’s most trusted media organization, the ABC, for the last few years, and has just relocated to San Francisco to look for the next career opportunity.

He’’s managed social for the ABC’’s international audience, driving a social-first, photo and video-heavy content strategy for predominantly non-English speaking markets that led to growth of two million followers in under 18 months.

Andrew’ is a recognized as a mindful and energetic team player - working on and leading projects across divisions, genres and teams of varying sizes. He’s inspired by and continually chasing the intersection of technology and great storytelling.



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Social Media + Digital Content Strategist and Producer

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