Facebook in Australia has put together a number of lists to help monitor Australian politicians and parties and what they're posting on the social platform. 

 When you open each one, click Follow to subscribe to them.

You can then access the lists from your Interests section, towards the bottom of the Left sidebar.


Government Ministry - facebook.com/lists/10151740665248206

Shadow Ministry - facebook.com/lists/10151740741738206

Senators - facebook.com/lists/10151740774613206

Australian MPs - facebook.com/lists/10151744414103206

Labor Parliamentarians - facebook.com/lists/10151744792838206

Coalition Parliamentarians - facebook.com/lists/10151744849008206

Greens Parliamentarians - facebook.com/lists/10151744863768206

Independent Parliamentarians - facebook.com/lists/10151744852698206

Political Parties - facebook.com/lists/10151744422838206


Facebook has also published more tips for journalists on using their platform and Instagram in the 2013 Federal Election. Read it here or below.